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TutorLuke offers 50-minute, online lessons using Zoom, a platform that became a prominent feature of business since the outbreak of Covid-19. Lessons are offered one-on-one between the client and the teacher, to ensure that the lesson can be customized to you and only you.

What's good about TutorLuke?

Luke has been teaching his native English in Japan since 2013. He has been teaching at one of Japan's most prestigious and famous eikaiwas in the country, and has learned the process and methodologies used at these conversation schools inside-out. At TutorLuke, we apply only the methods that are proven to work, and shed the ones that don't.

Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, fewer clients wanted to take lessons face-to-face, which is why we made TutorLuke; a safe place to take online lessons at any time, any place. We provide a peace of mind at a low price.
TutorLuke's Mission
At TutorLuke, we always aim to provide you with quality and convenience.
My Promise
We promise that you'll always take away new knowledge from the lessons, and that we'll provide you with convenient, high-quality lessons.

A little about Luke

In Japan
My name is Luke Allen. I have lived in Japan since 2013 and have been an English teacher since then. I first came to Japan in the Summer of '13 where I lived in Saitama for 1 year, and then came to  to Tokyo the following year, where I still reside today. Since coming to Japan, I have been teaching English at a well-established conversation school here in Tokyo, and have taught well over ten thousand face-to-face lessons, including CEOs & executives, Olympians, musicians, doctors, students, housewives and children.
More about me...
I was born in 1991 and grew up in Pontefract, England. The town of Pontefract is a small town near Manchester. I graduated from the University of Huddersfield and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Games Design. In my free time, I enjoy bodybuilding and developing websites. I first became interested in Japan after listening to Utada Hikaru's song at the end of Kingdom Hearts. This sparked a flame and I began to study Japanese and even came to Japan on vacation while studying in University. Currently I am married and have a daughter.

What clients are saying

私は今年60歳になりましたが、約2年間、1回 /週でLukeさんのプライベートレッスンを受講しておりました。残念ながら、定年で故郷に引っ越すことになり、プライベートレッスンは終了しました。















Well-received by thousands of clients

At TutorLuke, we have helped a high number of keen students go to an intermediate level and beyond from a beginner stage. All lessons can be customized and tailored to your current level and to your needs, whatever they may be, and you will definitely see a progression in your English.
Highly Qualified
As a native speaker from the United Kingdom, you can feel at ease knowing you're getting good quality English. Not only being a native, I have also taught at a well-established conversation school in Japan since 2013, learning many of the best techniques along the way.
Fun & Engaging
I believe the best way to improve in any language is to have the motivation to learn it. I can help you feel motivated by offering engaging and fulfilling lessons; you will always finish a lesson and walk away with something new. Your time will never be wasted.

Luke has received a 5-star rating from over 12,000 clients! *

* Rated by more than 12,000 clients combined from TutorLuke.com and Eikaiwas.


TutorLuke takes advantage of the digital era and brings you online English lessons. Reserve any day and any time which suits you at your best convenience.
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